Infographic: Facebook Facts & Statistics 2018

Infographic: Facebook Facts & Stats 2018 | ADSCODE
July 23, 2018in Social Media No Comments 2868

Facebook is the first and biggest social platform in the world. Everybody is on Facebook including my grandma… Facebook changed the world into social network connecting between friends.

The effect of Facebook on our daily life is significant. We feel it everyday. Most people use it on a daily basis. Facebook became a social standard and a place where people connect, share stories and experiences with their community.

Facebook is going through some rough times nowadays when its usage rate among millennials and younger generations is dropping fast. In addition to the fact that the popularity around facebook is decreasing, the Cambridge Analytica fiasco was all over the news just to put more pressure on the social giant.

We have gathered here all the latest facts and stats from Facebook to better understand what is going on with Facebook on the second half of 2018 and forward.

Facebook Infographics | ADSCODE

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