Yazamiyot End of The Year Startup Contest – Event Recap

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End of the year party was a real fun, wow so many people came I’m impressed 🙂 I think it’s a great moment for me to summarize my 2017.

It’s hard to believe that a year has past since I have started managing Yazamiyot – Women Entrepreneurs Community. Since I answered Hilla’s call, since I started helping her in managing this unbelievable community.

I could never imagine how much I will be invested in Yazamiyot. And here I am, thanks to Hilla Ovil Brenner, the founder of Yazamiyot, my partner, my teacher, and my friend. I want to express my appreciation to Hilla, an inspiration to all of us here in Yazamiyot.

I’m really thankful for the great pleasure of meeting and interacting so many outstanding women & ambitions women, with dreams, passion, skills and talents.

Who Are We?

Yazamiyot is the first and the biggest community for Women tech entrepreneurship in Israel. We are rapidly growing and currently our community hosts more than 2,500 women entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to know each and every one of our community members in person, understand their needs, and find ways to help women grow their startups and businesses. We work around the clock to create more opportunities for women in the
startup and technology ecosystems in Tel Aviv.

Our vision: “to Significantly grow the amount of women entrepreneurs in the Tech and
Biomed industries”

How do we do that?


We run a monthly events. These events include pitches from leading techies and entrepreneurs on how to network, pitch, raise funds and more. Additionally those events holds an opportunity for our community members to network and engage with other community members.

Facebook Group

Come and join our very active and supportive Facebook community, helping our members with consult, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Professional Workshops

We also manage professional workshops covering multiple relevant aspects such as – creating a business plan, identifying your target audience, creating a presentation, and more.


I also want to mention our great improvement in this area – we have created a vast network of collaborations including:

Microsoft Accelerator – together we launched this year the first batch of women led startups that integrated in Microsoft Accelerator program. It’s amazing to see the unbelievable progress you ladies have made – thumbs up!

Google Campus for Moms – collaborating with Google to enable moms to educate, network and create powerful startups during motherhood. It’s a rapidly growing global program that we are honored to manage its Tel Aviv chapter.

Barclays Israel – we joined forces in multiple activities and we are working on a Fintech & Cyber bootcamps…!!

Calcalist – our “London Tea Party” event went out really well. Community members had the opportunity to meet with investors, and pitch their startups.

And really it’s just the beginning.

• International collaborations with leading female organizations
• Become a social organization
• Crowdfunding for our members
• Startup online school
• International delegations
• Expand out of Israel
• Wix accelerator for Yazamiyot
• Microsoft accelerator for Yazamiyot
• Google campus for moms for Yazamiyot

We will be back in full force for the upcoming year starting with a lot of great women entrepreneurs events and more and more opportunities….We’re going to make it big in 2018 🙂

Looking forward to see you on our next event.

Photos By Lilach Holtzer

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