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Analysing your competitors is important for your business success.

When competitive analysis is done right, it allows you to learn what your competitors are doing.
What’s working and what’s not.

Market research enables you to plan and improve your marketing strategy based on your competitors performance.

There are many online tools that can track almost every piece of information you can think of.
This post will show you how to master your competitive analysis with 8 free online tools.

One of my favorite tools for high level review of competitors – SimilarWeb. easy to use, intuitive and provides loads of relevant information on your competitors.


To get started put the relevant website on the search box. The user interface is friendly and shows traffic volume stats, and basic behaviour information.

SimilarWeb – Traffic by Countries

Traffic by countries shows the top 5 countries by volume.

SimilarWeb – Traffic Sources

Where does your competitors are getting traffic from? Google? Facebook? Ads?

It’s all there – Traffic sources breakdown, social media, direct traffic, referring sites, and more.

SimilarWeb – Traffic Sources Breakdown

Social media stats, showing the traffic volume from each social network.

SimilarWeb - Social Media Stats

Advertising stats – how many visitors are coming from paid ads, and what advertising channels works best for them.



SpyFu is an amazing tool to see what your competitors are doing. You will be surprised how much data you will find on SpyFu alone.

SpyFu – Domain Overview

The first thing you’ll notice is how beautiful the information is presented.

Easy to understand and includes most key parameters you are looking for: organic keywords & paid keywords traffic rates, and keyword rankings.

You will also find the top 5 organic and paid competitors for each website.

SpyFu – Organic & Paid Competitors Analysis

The free version only shows the top 5 backlinks per website.

Find the domain authority and page authority ranking, and the volumes of organic and paid traffic.

It’s useful, because it shows you backlinking and distribution opportunities.
It shows you where your competitors are promoting their content.

SpyFu – Inbound Links Analysis

The keywords performance table is damn great. Learn which keywords works best for your competitors, and how they rank for those keywords.

It’s pretty deep and includes the price and difficulty for top 5 keywords.

SpyFu - Most Valuable Keywords



Moz is the place to go for domain and page authority lookup, backlinking stats and more.
Moz has additional features providing important insights on your competitors.

Just take a look.

Moz – Domain Authority

You can find the latest links to your competitors, by browsing to the “just-discovered” tab.

The “top pages” tab shows which pages of your competitors are more indexed. Which keywords and anchor texts your competitors using will be there too.

“Compare Metrics” is another great feature, compare between your company and other competitors linking performance. This is big guys, really help to better understand the link building competition.

Moz – Compare Metrics
You can compare up to 5 different web pages in one interface. Effectively monitor and compare your competitors linking status, strategy and performance.


Social Media Business pages

We got our first glance at our competitors social activity with other tools already.

Still, you want to know what they do on Social Media. You want to know how they look on Instagram. You want to know what they Pin on Pinterest. You really want to know those things, and learn what works best in your market.

A quick look at the social pages of your competitors will take your competitive analysis one step further. Easily discover your competitors market reach, and their target audience.

Additionally you will find what content they publish. How they interact with their audience? How they engage with their audience?

It’s even more relevant when your only getting started.

It will show you how your competitors promote themselves in social media, what social platforms work for them and how they set up their fan pages.

I recommend two effective tools that will help you spy on your competitor’s activity on social media –  Likealyzer & Keyhole.

Just try and run a search with Likealyzer
for Facebook pages.

You will find the account summary per the specific account.

Additionally. there’s multiple stats reflecting engagement, audience behaviour and content analytics.

LikeLyzer - Engagement, Audience Behavior and Content Analytics

Keyhole is great for getting information on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter profiles.


You will immediately find engagement stats in one interface. I really like the Account Statistic table reflecting social performance by engagement, likes, shares and comments.

Keyhole – Account Statistics

These are really useful tools to track and expand competitive analysis focusing on social media..

What Hashtags are the most popular in your industry?

You want to learn your market Hashtags so you’ll be able to target your posts accordingly. I recommend simply to review posts of your competitors on Twitter & Instagram.

Review their posts, and see what Hashtags they are using. Create a list of all the relevant Hashtags you find and search their volume and analyze their popularity with Hashtagify.


Google search

No need to put screenshots of Google results page. Its basic, but still many companies fail to identify important things about their competitors can easily found via Google Search.

The most important thing I can find in addition to the basics, is the publications and online assets of your competitors.

Why is that so important?
once you know where your competitors are publishing their content you can do the same. This way you can reach out to publishers in your niche that are promoting content to your target audience.

What can be better than using your competitors experience and knowledge to overpower them?

Want to improve your content strategy and content distribution?
Buzzsumo is the place to find out what content pieces works for your competitors and how.

The free version shows you the top 5 content pieces per search.
You can filter your search by

BuzzsumoTop Performing Content

The results page includes top performing content according to your sorting selection.
You can also track down the specific content pieces and learn from them what content your audience likes the most.

Additionally, find which social media platform worked best for specific content types.

Buzzsumo - PublishersSearch

One of my favorite features in Buzzsumo is the Influencers search.

Type in the influencer’s name or the niche in which you are looking for. The results page will show you influencers that are active in your market, their reach and engagement stats.

It’s a great way to learn what content to create and where to publish and distribute it.

I’m addicted. Really.



SEMrush is one of the best spying products out there, when the amount of data and its accuracy is off the charts.

SEMrush – Domain Analysis

The user interface is fantastic in my eyes, all the information you need for your competitive analysis is here, friendly, and easy to understand.

Discover traffic and SEO stats of your competitors. The division between organic traffic sources and paid traffic sources is crystal clear.

Now it’s only getting better from here…

SEMrush – Organic Keywords & Competitors Analysis

The layout is great, you can easily review your competitors activity on the advertising level and on the organic level.

The “organic” tab will display top organic keywords stats. The organic distribution graph reflects how many click each position worth per the top keywords.

SEMrush – Paid Competitors Analysis

You can go further with your competitive analysis. See how your competitors rank, their ads call to action & performance.

The “backlinks” tab the link stats of the relevant website. Follow vs nofollow, the backlink type and the top anchors.

SEMrush – Backlinks Analysis


Followerwonk (by MOZ)

Followerwonk is an easy to use tool for finding twitter accounts search query.


Simply search for the competitor’s account or a specific keyword. The results page will show you the top twitter profiles per your search.

Just think how useful it is.

You can look for your niche and discover the major influencers through several angles. The free

Followerwonk – Influencers Search

version only show you the top 50 accounts for every query.

But still, even the top 50 accounts are a great place to start from!

Let’s say you are an interior designer.

Obviously you want to engage with your audience. You should be looking for influencers to promote your content.

Type in interior design – and voila 🙂

You got some quality options to get started.

Try different combination of keywords – and you will find more…

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